Brand Guidelines

We’ve put together some design assets and brand guidelines to make it easy for you to introduce us to others.

We are a free relationship resource - dedicated to answering your questions from today’s top relationship experts.

Design Guidelines

Logo Best Practice

  1. Don’t crowd it. Always keep a bit of white-space around the logo.
  2. Don’t squash it or edit it. Keep it how it is.
  3. If you need to put the logo over an image, make sure the image is light enough so that there’s sufficient contrast between the logo and the background.


Core Brand Palette

Torch Red

  • HEX #F71A3A
  • RGB 247, 26, 58


  • HEX #010101
  • RGB 1, 1, 1

Ecru White

  • HEX #F4F1E6
  • RGB 244, 241, 230

Secondary Brand Palette

Outrageous Orange

  • HEX #FD673F
  • RGB 253, 103, 63

Purple Heart

  • HEX #643CC5
  • RGB 100, 60, 197

Carnation Pink

  • RGB 253, 142, 190


  • HEX #FFD64D
  • RGB 255, 214, 77

Design Assets


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General Presentation Slides

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Champion Specific

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What Is Loveology?

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Partner Symbols

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